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Monthly Passengers at Major Ports
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Source: Individual Seaport Data
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The cruise industry is an important market in Florida, with thousands of passengers embarking and disembarking everyday from ships at Florida’s deepwater seaports. The responsibilities of FDOT’s Seaport Office in the Public Transportation Office, include programs related to seaports, intermodal development, and planning for freight movement/intermodal connections. The Florida Ports Council (FPC) is a trade association that represents these seaports. In 1990, the FPC created the Florida Seaport Transportation and Economic Development Council (FSTED) that is charged with implementing the state’s economic development mission. One of the responsibilities of FSTED is to monitor the local markets and trends at the 14 deepwater seaports in Florida- so that capital investments can be made to stimulate Florida’s economy. The council collects data annually from the individual ports to compile statistical information.

This indicator shows monthly passengers at major ports of Florida in thousands (K). Five seaports are accounted for in this indicator: Port of Miami, Port of Everglades, Port Canaveral, Port of Tampa, and the Port of Key West; however, Port Canaveral does not supply data beyond December 2014. The data for this indicator is obtained from each individual seaport office.

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